Mine Management sample questions Coal and Metal -study material

Mine Management sample questions Coal and Metal

  1. The operant conditioning or learning approach to behavior is based on
    1. Law of effect
    2. Law of reproduction
    3. Law of reinforcement
    4. Law of expectations
  2. The ……………leadership theory of …………describes that effective group performance depends on the proper match between the leader’s style if interacting with his subordinates and the degree to which the situation gives control and influence to the leader.
    1. ‘Managerial grid’; Blake and Mouton
    2. ‘Contingency Model’; Fred Fiedler
    3. ‘Trait Theory’; Stodgill and Barnard
    4. ‘Iowa State Leadership Studies’; Ronald Lippitt and Ralph k. White
  3. Which one of the following training method is not a managerial ‘on the job training method’?
    1. Coaching
    2. Management games
    3. Action learning
    4. Job rotation
  4. ………….to deal with the employee indiscipline provides the offender every opportunity to state his side of the case.
    1. Punitive approach
    2. HRD approach
    3. Judicial approach
    4. Humanistic approach
  5. ’Negandhi Estafen’ is recognized as a good model for the analysis of
    1. Organizational effectiveness
    2. Management effectiveness
    3. Organizational growth
    4. Organization behavior



1. (iii) Law of reinforcement

2. (ii) ‘Contingency Model’; Fred Fiedler

3. (ii) Management games

4. (iii) Judicial approach

5. (ii) Management effectiveness

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