Mine Legislation | MCQ Multiple Choice Questions | Answer | DGMS Exam

Mine Legislation | MCQ Multiple Choice Questions | Answer | DGMS Exam

1)    Exhaust / Retarder braking system in a truck;

  1. a) Is primarily to protect the service break from excess heat and save wear
  1. b) Can stall the engine if the specified engine speed is not maintained
  1. c) Is the preferred means of speed control when travelling down grades
  1. d) All above

2)    What is the minimum height of Roof in case of flat roof Rest Shelters?

  1. a) 2.5 Mts                   b) 3.0 Mts                       c) 1.8 Mts                     d) 3.5 Mts

3)     Which of the following are the causes of “Slope failure”

  1. a) Geological structure, textur b) Anomalies like dykes, faults, folds Etc.
  1. c)  Dynamic Loading.                                                           d) Fissures and joint
  1. e)  ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ & ‘d’ are correct                                         f) ‘a’ & ‘b’ are correct
  1. g)  ‘c’ & ‘d’ are correct                                                        h) ‘a’ & ‘d’ are correct

4)    No drill shall be used for boring a shot hole unless it allows a clearance of atleast                 over the diameter of the cartridge of explosive which it is intended to use.

  1. a) 2 mm     b) 2.5mm             c) 4mm d) 3mm

5)    Minor injuries shall  be recorded  in Form        


and  reports  shall  be  sent to  Regional  Inspector  once  in

  1. a) ‘J’ – once in a quarter                      b) ‘K’ – once in a year
  1. c)  ‘J’ – once in a year                            d) ‘K’ – once in a quarter

6)    Sound level of Audio Visual Alarm (AVA) should be at least                 higher than theambient noise level.

  1. a)  5 to 20%                 b) 10 to 15%                         c) 20 to 25%                         d) 5 to 10%

7)    Runaway ramps can be seen at

  1. a) Benches               b) Haul roads                      c) O B Dumps                      d) Workshop

8)    Which of the Fire Extinguisher can be used for Electrical fires?

  1. a) Automatic           b) water type                      c) Foam type                      d) CO2 type

9)    As per Reg.177 of MMR 1961 Every Fence erected on the surface shall once at least inevery week be

examined by                      .

  1. a) Mines Manager b) Asst. Mines Manager c) Foreman           d) Competent person

10)  Adult means a person who has completed his              year.

  1. a) 20th             b) 18th                              c) 21st                               d) 19th

11)  What are the “UNSAFE WORKING CONDITIONS” at Mines? Choose from the following.

a) Defective tools or equipment. b) Congestion in the workplace.
c) Narrow roads. d) Improper method of working.
e) Poorhousekeeping.                                                                        f ) all are correct

12)  A vehicle transporting EXPLOSIVES shall not be driven at speed exceeding                  KMPH.

  1. a)  25                            b) 20                      c) 15                       d) 30

13)  Voltage shall not exceed                Volts for hand held portable apparatus used in theMines as per CEA Regulations. 2010.

  1. a)  230                          b) 125                    c) 250                    d) 110

14)  To reduce the Noise induced hearing loss by implementing

  1. a) Effective Personal Protective Equipment                              b) Effective engineering controls
  1. c)  Effective administrative controls                                             d) All ‘a’, ‘b’ & ‘c’ are correct

15)  Which of the following are the main factors responsible for Blast induced ground vibrations?

a) Physio-Mechanical properties of Rock mass. b) Explosive types and their properties.
c) Irregular shape of free face. d) Ground water table.
e) All above f) ‘a’, ‘b’ & ‘c’ are correct

16)  As per 11th National Safety conference the contractor shall not employ or terminatehis worker without the knowledge of the                                        

  1. a) Mine Management    b) Regional Inspector                      c) Labour Officer               d) DGMS

17)  Proximity warning device is to be fitted for                                as an additional safetyfeature.

  1. a) Excavators                                     b) Water tankers                      c) Drilling equipment            d)Dumpers/Tippers

18)  “Flash back arrestor” should be provided for_                             

  1. a) Compressor   b) Gas welding / cutting set                          c) Generator                      d) weigh bridge

19)  First-Aid Room shall have floor space not less than                 .

  1. a) 5 Sq.Mtr             b) 10 Sq. Mtr        c) 50 Sq.Mtr          d) 15 Sq.Mtr

20)  Notice of accident causing death or serious bodily injury in connection with miningoperations, in Form IV

‘A’ shall be sent to Regional Inspector within


  1. a)  24            b) 48      c) 72      d) 12

21)  Burden is the distance between

  1. a) Two blast holes in same row                          b) distance between two rows
  1. c)  First row of the blast holes and bench         d) none is correct

22)  Who will set permanent or temporary speed limits, for any area of the Mine or anyvehicle or class of vehicle?

  1. a) Mines Manag b) Sr. Official.                       c) DGMS.                              d) Mines Foreman.

23)  If any employee contracts a notified occupational disease, the Mine Management shallsend notice to Regional Inspector in

  1. a) Form ‘I’                     b) Form ‘II’                           c) Form IV ‘C’                     d) Form ‘V’

24)  To measure the performance of the blast which factor is calculated?

  1. a) Tonnage factor                      b) space factor c) stripping ratio                 d) Powder factor

25)  No working shall be made within road or building.

meters of any railway or of any public work or of any public

  1. a)  60                b) 200                    c) 45                      d) 500

26)  Voltage limits shall not exceed

for general lighting in Opencast Mines?

  1. a) 125 Volts. b) 650 Volts.        c) 250 Volts.        d) 11KV

27)  Pointing  out  of  contraventions  by  Chief  Inspector  or  Regional  Inspector  of  Mines shall  be  entered  in

  1. a) Form-V                      b) Form-VI                            c) Form-IV C                        d) Form-IV A

28)  Operator’s Seat in the Vehicle / HEMMs should be                                     designed tohave adequate comforts while driving continuously.

  1. a) Scientifically           b) Technically                     c) Both ‘a’ & ‘b’                  d) Ergonomically

29)  Workmen Inspector is designated by                                              in consultation with theregistered trade union in the mine.

  1. a) DGMS        b) Mines Manager             c) Owner/Agent                 d) Mines Foreman

30)  In Opencast Mining, the width which is extracted from the working bench is termed as

  1. a) Cut             b) Bench width c) bank width                       d) Bench face

31)  Minimum length of safety fuse at the firing end shall not be less than

  1. a) 1.2 Mt b) 2 Mtr c) 1.8 Mtr.             d) 1.5 Mtr

32)  Who are the persons not holding position of supervision or Management, choose fromfollowing,

  1. a) Asst.Manager and Safety officer                  b) Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
  1. c)  Electrical supervisor                                                          d) Mine Foreman
  1. e)  Medical officer, chemist, welfare officer f) Blaster
  1. g)  ‘b’ & ‘c’ are correct                                                          h) Mine Mate

33)  As per Regulation- 36 of MMR 1961, in opencast mines worked by HEMM, MechanicalEngineer shall be appointed, where aggregate H.P. of all machineries exceeds

  1. a)  750              b) 250                    c) 450                    d) 500

34)  According to Mines Act 1952, Calendar year means

  1. a) 1st Apr to 31st Mar b) 1st Jan to 31st Dec         c) 1st Jan to 30th Sep         d) 1st Oct to 31st Dec

35)  In case of hilly terrain Foreman district shall not exceed                         

  1. a) 2.0 KM                       b) 1.5 KM              c) 1.0 KM               d) 0.5K M

36)  Detailed pre-operational checks of vehicles used in theMine;

  1. a) Improves mine efficiency, reduces down time and cuts maintenance costs
  1. b) Improves equipment operator safety
  1. c) Improves safety of other miners
  1. d) All above

37)  Cracking powder is used in


  1. a) Dimension Stone / Granite     b) Limestone                       c) Sand                 d) Manganese

38)  Notice of Medical examination under 29D of Mines Rules 1955 shall be given in                                 

  1. a) Form ‘M’                   b) Form ‘N’                          c) Form ‘Q’                          d) Form ‘R’

39)  Every  Women  employed  in  a  mine  above  ground  shall  be  allowed  an  interval  of not  less  than              hours between the termination of employment on any one day thecommencement of the next period of employment.

  1. a)  11                b) 12                      c) 24                      d) 16

40)  For employees engaged in Driving / HEMM operation jobs, eye refraction test should beconducted one in Years.

  1. a) 2                  b) 1                         c) 3                         d)5

41)  The  explosives  shall  be  transported  to  the  site  of  blasting  not  more  than                                commencement of charging of the holes.

  1. a) 30 mi b) 1 hour               c) 45 min.             d) 1 ½ hour

before  the

42)  Which of the following are the examples of an inadequately maintained haul road?

  1. a) Pot holes or washouts                      b) Inadequate berms
  1. c) Bumps and muddy areas                                d) inadequate gradient
  1. d) All above

43)  The energy shall not be transmitted in to a Mine at a voltage exceeding               andshall not be used therein at a voltage exceeding                               .

  1. a)  11 KV & 6.6 KV          b) 1100 KV & 660 KV                         c) 250 V & 650 V                d) 33 KV & 11 KV

44)  Pit slope is the angle made by the imaginary line joining the –

  1. a) Top most crest of the bench to bottom most toe of the
  1. b) Top most toe of the bench to the bottom most toe of the benc
  1. c) Top most crest of the bench to bottom most crest of the
  1. d) Average of the all bench ang

45)  Maximum Exposure Limit of dust prescribed for 8 hrs time weighted average in Mine workingenvironment.

  1. a) 5 Mg/m³                    b) 3 Mg/m³        c) 7 Mg/m³        d) 10 Mg/m³

46)  Which of the following is not the cause of “Fly rock”

a) Insufficient stemming of holes b) Overcharging of holes
c) Excessive burden d) Geological disturbances
e) ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ & ‘d’ are correct e) faulty connection

47)  Your colleague is complaining of breathlessness and a tight pain in the chest. You suspect aheart attack.

What should you do?

  1. a) Get him to lay down flat.
  1. b) Encourage him to stand up and move around slowly.
  1. c) Make him to sit in a comfortable positi
  1. d) Give him heart compressions and artificial respirati

48)  A successful accident investigation must answer three questions: What are they?

  1. a) What happened?              2. How it happened?                        3. Why it happened?
  1. b) Who is behind it?               2. Who are involved?                       3. Why they involved?
  1. c) Why did they do?              2. Why they couldn’t avoid it          3. What went wrong?
  1. d) ‘b’ & ‘c’ are correct

49)  Which of the following features should be shown in water danger plan?

  1. a) Position of dyke, fault and geological disturbances
  1. b) River, stream, water course, reservoir
  1. c) Surface contour lines
  1. d) Highest Flood Level of the area
  1. e) All above
  1. f) ‘a’, ‘b’ & ‘d’ are correct

50)  “Super elevation” is a term used for designing

  1. a) Benches               b) Haul Roads                     c) Dumps              d) Magazine

51)  If the mine wherein 1600 persons are ordinarily employed, the number of WorkmenInspector required as per as per Rule 29 Q of Mines Rules 1955.

  1. a) 2                              b) 3                        c) 4                        d) 5

52)  The gradient of road is 1 in 16 , convert into degrees (θ) =

  1. a) Sin -1  (1/16)          b) Cos  -1 (1/16)   c)  Cot -1  (1/16)   d) Tan  -1  (1/16)

53)  Pit slope is the angle made by the imaginary line joining the –

  1. e) Top most crest of the bench to bottom most toe of the
  1. f) Top most toe of the bench to the bottom most toe of the benc
  1. g) Top most crest of the bench to bottom most crest of the
  1. h) Average of the all bench ang

54)  As per 106 of MMR 1961, No tree, loose stone or debris shall remain within a distance of ——— from the edge or side of excavation.

  1. a) 5 m                         b)     4 m                c) 3 m                  d) 2 m

55)  If the percentage of free respirable silica present is 10% in the atmosphere , what is thepermissible limit of free silica in milligrams per cubic meter of air sampled.

  1. a)  1.5                           b) 3                       c) 10                      d) 5

56)  As per 173 of MMR 1961, the hydraulic test for the air receiver to be done at a pressure ofat least —- times the maximum permissible working pressure.

  1. a) 2 times b) 2.5 times         c) 3 times             d) 1.5 times

57)  Which of the following is correct statement?

  1. Medical certificates should be retained for 5 years from the date of medical examination
  1. Medical certificates should be retained as long as the person employed in mine.
  1. Medical certificates should be maintained as long as the person employed and 10 years thereafter.
  1. Medical certificates should be maintained as long as the person employed and 5 years thereafter.

58)  The annual returns submitted to the DGMS as per – First Schedule of which form?

  1. a) Form –I                  b) Form – II          c) Form – III         d) Form – IV

59)  Which of the following are the competent persons?

  1. a) Blaster                    b) wheel loader operator               c) Tipper Operator            d) All are correct

60)   Full form of DGPS?

  1. a) Differential Global position set.
  1. b) Digital Geo positioning system.
  1. c) Data Geometrical positioning system
  1. d) Differential Global positioning system.

61)  Miner died due to heart- attack during his duty hours without any injury . which of thefollowing statements is

/ are not true ?

  1. It is considered as natural death due to heart issues.
  1. It is an accident happened in the Mine.

iii.    The post mortem report to be submitted to DGMS.

  1. If post mortem report fails to submit to DGMS … it is considered as accident in the Mine.
  1. a) i               b) iii                       c) ii                        d ) iii & IV

62)  Regarding Foreman district the following statement is true.

  1. In case of Mechanised Mine – working area of 3 power shovels.
  1. In case of Semi – Mechanised – area of maximum of 4 Mate districts with 2 KM flat area as radius.
  1. In case of Mechanised Mine – working area of max. 2 power shovels.
  1. In case of Semi – Mechanised – area of maximum of 2 Mate districts.
  1. a) 1, 2                         b) 2, 3                    c) 3, 4                     d) None of the abov

63)  The usage of coal in the earth pit for

  1. a) To increase the conductance of the earthing
  1. b) To reduce the conductance of the earthing.
  1. c) To increase the resistance of the earthin
  1. d) All of the above.

64)  The bench height is 6m, depth of the hole is 6.6 m (includes sub grade drilling), spacing is 4 m, burden is 5 m, the density of the rock is 2, and explosive used is 24kg. Find thepowder factor.

  1. a) 12                     b) 10                      c) 24                       d) 11

65)  As per Reg.177 of MMR 1961 Every Fence erected on the surface shall once at least inevery week be examined by                      .

  1. a.  Mines Manager            b) Asst. Mines Manager c) Foreman           d) Competent person

66)  Which of the following is in the part of ISO (Internal Safety Organisation)

i. Managing Director
ii. Director Technical
iii. Safety officer
iv. None of the above
a) 1 & 2 b) 3                         c) 1, 2 &3 d) 4

67)  Which of the following is true regarding the workers participation in safety management?

  1. a) Pit safety committee
  1. b) Committee
  1. c) Tripartite committee
  1. d) All of the above

68)  The number of man days in the year 2014 is 26500, rest days are 54, and non working daysdue to sick are

  1. Find the persons ordinarily employed in the Mine. Consider the yearmeans 365 days.
  1. a)  110 b) 120                   c) 100                    d) 90

69)  Which of the following statements is/ are true?

  1. Parking brake is to be used when the dumper is in motion.
  1. Parking brake is to be tested with dumper is in full load
  1. Parking brake is to be tested with dumper is in empty position
  1. Parking brake is to be tested at maximum gradient, permitted for at least 10 minutes.
  1. a)  4 only             b) 2 only                c) 2 , 4                    d) 3 only

70)  The handling figures of the Mine for the year 2014-15 are as below.

The OB hanlding = 5,00,000 Tonnes , ore production = 2,00,000 Tonnes and densities of OB and Ore are 2.5 and 3respectively . Find the stripping ratio for the year 2014-15.

  1. a)  1: 2.5              b) 2.5 : 1               c) 1: 1                    d) 5  : 2

71)  Which of the following are not the safety features of Belt conveyors?

  1. a) Limit switch  b) Pullchord Switch          c) Hold back       d) vulcanizing device

72)  As per DGMS Circular No 36/1972, find the minimum width of the bench with the followingdata?

The Height of the bench is 7 m , The boom reach of the machine is 6 m , the tipper plying on the bench , where tipperwidth is 2.5 m and the widest machine Hitachi – Ex800 working on the bench , where the EX – 800 width is 5.5 m.

  1. a) 7.5 m             b) 6 m                    c) 7 m                    d) 5.5 m

73)  Regarding the ground vibrations the following statement is true.

  1. a) The lower the frequency – higher the ground displacement.
  1. b) The higher the frequency – higher the ground displacement.
  1. c) The frequency and ground displacements are directly proportional
  1. d) None of the abov

74)  If the depth of pit reaches —– meters the scientific study on slope stability will bedone by scientific agency.

  1. a)  60 m               b) 75 m c) 50 m                 d) 100 m

75)  The form which shall be reported by Workmen Inspector.

  1. a) Form – T                        b) Form – R                           c) Form – S           d) Form –




Answer Sheet for Objective questions- Mine Legislation
QuestionNo. Answer QuestionNo. Answer
1 d 41 a
2 a 42 d
3 e 43 d
4 d 44 a
5 b 45 b
6 a 46 e
7 b 47 c
8 d 48 a
9 d 49 e
10 b 50 b
11 f 51 b
12 a 52 d
13 b 53 a
14 d 54 c
15 f 55 a
16 a 56 d
17 d 57 c
18 b 58 c
19 b 59 d
20 a 60 d
21 c 61 c
22 a 62 b
23 d 63 a
24 d 64 b
25 c 65 d
26 c 66 a
27 b 67 d
28 d 68 c
29 b 69 c
30 b 70 c
31 a 71 d
32 f 72 a
33 a 73 a
34 b 74 a
35 c 75 d
36 d
37 a
38 a
39 a
40 b
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